Deed Log: Ghámgur, Rohan, and the Northwest Vales

Mountainsong (my level-cap main) finished up the Wells of Langflood area recently, so to fill the time between updates I’ve been continuing the never-ending process of clearing out my deed log. I took some nice screenshots and had some interesting moments in my most recent deeding session, so I decided to type up an account of it.

Now, when I say “clearing out my deed log,” I’m serious: many years ago, I set a goal to finish every single regional deed on Mountainsong, and I currently have everything up to West Rohan cleared out (a couple more slayer deeds and I’ll be done with WR too). Of course, I don’t expect to ever finish this process—both because of new updates and because even incremental deeding progress takes up a lot of time—but it’s nice to be able to click through a bunch of completely empty tabs in my deed log. There’s also a lot to be said for going back to lore and explorer deeds to gain a greater knowledge of and appreciation for a region. (And yes, slayer deeds are always the last ones I have left to finish).

I started this deeding session knocking out a huge sticking point in my deed log progress. For multiple years now, I’ve had one unfinished South Mirkwood deed that’s been bugging me, sitting on an otherwise perfectly empty page. I don’t know if you guys remember when Roving Threats were introduced (I had to look up the year: it was November 2014), but they were a decently big deal, with enough interesting rewards that there were frequently pick up groups recruiting in World chat (was this before World chat? Huh, looks like /world was added one update before RTs. GLFF cannot have been phased out six years ago, excuse me while I have a crisis).

I saw RTs 1) as a fun new thing to take part in, and 2) an accessible, not very difficult form of group content to try, so I joined a fair amount of RT pick up groups over the course of a few months, trying to get the deeds done as well as collect enough barter tokens to get cool stuff. Side note about said cool stuff: I have a bunch of the housing tapestry rewards still displayed in my house, and now that I think about it, I think both of my first age LIs may have been gotten with RT tokens?

Anyway, to circle back around to the actual point: in late 2014 and early-mid 2015, I finished every related deed and helped defeat every Roving Threat in the game except for Southern Mirkwood’s Ghámgur. Here’s his Lotro-wiki page: you may notice he has 2 million morale, an occasional anti-kiting run speed buff, and, most importantly, a constantly stacking +50% damage buff. This was killer to my PUG that tried to tackle him on-level (ie. at 100): we wiped at least twice, honestly probably three times, and then people decided to move on because it wasn’t working. So my “3 out of 4” Mirkwood RT deed sat in my deed log for like five years, unfinished: I hung onto the quest for just as long, and at higher levels I’d periodically think about trying it solo, but would be dissuaded because hunters are squishy and dude has > 2 mil morale.

Well… turns out I could have finished it up probably as early as two years ago. It should be self-evident by now, but I finally did find and kill Ghámgur. Honestly, it was kind of anticlimactic: he was in the second place I checked, and with an initial Camouflage-Focus-Heartseeker crit setup (and my skirm healer summoned, and using move-and-shoot blue line!), the fight was over in maybe a minute. I think I’d forgotten how severely overpowered character stats have become when compared to every enemy created pre-Mordor expansion. I fumbled the screenshot right as I defeated him, so I don’t have a shot of his corpse (that sounds so morbid, sorry), but I do have this record of my quest turn-in (FINALLY!).

Judge my UI and quick slot setup, I guess?

It’s a pretty low-key anecdote, all things considered, but I am honestly super psyched that I finally finished this freaking quest and fully cleared out my Mirkwood deeds. It’s the little things, you know? I felt the same way when I finished the Volume 2 epilogue by figuring out how to do most of the group quests solo.

This post isn’t just going to be big-ass trolls in Mirkwood (I don’t know what else I could even scrounge up for that topic): I did move on to some other stuff once I’d finished that up. As I mentioned, my current in-progress deed tab is West Rohan, where I just have a handful of slayer deeds left to clear. So next, I grabbed a slayer deed boost and decided, for no particular reason, to tackle Crebain-slayer in the Broadacres Snagfen (per the guidance of Lotro-wiki, all hail our lord and savior Lotro-wiki). To go there, I ported to Helm’s Deep—and, as one does, got distracted by the landscape and wandered around for ten minutes feeling an existential appreciation for this game.

Hunter next to hunter.

I don’t know what spurred this, exactly, but when I ported into Helm’s Deep I was just struck by how lively and detailed the atmosphere felt, and how big and immersive the settlement and the lands beyond seemed, so I decided to run around the area for the first time in a while to acknowledge that feeling properly.

It’s not flashy like Forochel or Lorien, but Helm’s Deep actually has a great color palette.
Framed a little weirdly so I could include Theoden in the top left.

Like, the fact that you can just go around the corner and find this group of guys dancing and drinking together, enjoying themselves despite the fact that one of Middle-Earth’s greatest battles is threatening to crash over their heads? There’s something special in finding those little moments, even (and maybe even more so?) when they’re in a digital universe.

Alright, this is a mood-killer, but after that sentimental break, I stabled off to shoot some crebain. For reference, Lotro-wiki’s listed location of the Broadacres Snagfen is in fact a good place to knock out the deed: there’s a decent number of crebain there, and they’re in a wide enough loop for you to stay just behind the respawn timer. It’s kind of scenic at the right angle, too.

The Snagfen

Slayer deeds are slayer deeds: I don’t need to spend any more time on that. While in the area, though, I did steal some glances at my old friend the Beacon of Eaworth, which was just across the river. Yes, I’m one of those people that loves parkour quests. My friend and I literally just did Ridge-racer last week.

Just looking…

I finished up crebain, but I still had some time left on the slayer deed boost, so I headed over to Wildermore to work on Wood-troll Slayer—which is, frankly, a pain in the ass and a deed I’ve tried to finish a few times before. I only made it tolerable by 1) using the 2x deed boost, 2) moving in a constant loop between two clumps of trolls (again, the areas listed on Lotro-wiki), and 3) listening to a new album to keep myself engaged (Kiki by Kiana Ledé is lowkey what I wanted Kehlani’s newest album to sound like). I got some nice screenshots out of it, though, and did finish the deed (I guess I lied by accident when I said I’d cleared everything up to West Rohan, but Wood-troll Slayer was my last deed left in Wildermore anyways).

Pensive Hunter Staring
More Pensive Hunter Staring

Remember when I said I glanced at the Beacon of Eaworth when I was in the Broadacres? That was foreshadowing—for no reason other than I had free time and wanted to do it, I next did a nostalgic climb up the Beacon.

We’ve reached my third outfit in one blog post.

I did it by memory, no guide consultation required (unlike my first time up), and saying that makes me wonder how many times I’ve actually climbed the Beacon. I didn’t do much of the Hytbold grind when it was endgame, so it can’t actually be that many—maybe high single-digits? For some people that’s probably a lot, though: I remember the days when Captains would be advertising summons to the top of the Beacon in world chat.

Yes, I did Ridge-racer recently; yes, I climbed the Beacon recently; yes, a few weeks ago I redid Ost Galadh Tower-climber just for fun. Parkour objectives can be frustrating (I understand why some players really don’t like having to do them), but I love the sense of accomplishment when you finally get to the top! Like I mentioned, I had to follow a guide the first time I did this quest, and it took a bunch of tries (mostly because I had to learn not to overcorrect when jumping between the wood planks), but it felt so good when I finally made it all the way up.

Looking down at where I just was in the Snagfen

I think that hidden deed you get for jumping into specific bottomless pits in Moria is the exact opposite of these parkour challenges. Speaking of hurling yourself off Moria cliffs—I did in fact jump straight off the side of the Beacon to get down. Whee.

The best part is that I didn’t even die.

I’m almost wrapped up with this deed log, but I made one more quick stop before I logged off for the afternoon. I noticed that I was at 14 out of 15 in the Vales of Anduin A Chronicle of the Company deed, and having one spot left is basically a freebie, so I quickly checked the location and ported over to the Vales. The one I hadn’t discovered was “Where Bilbo returns home”: it’s all the way up in the top left of the map, near the pass to the Misties. On my way there, in a small section of the Vales I obviously hadn’t been to before, I rode by a pond that had a tiny flat patch of land on the opposite bank. Hmm, I thought. Seems like an out-of-the-way area hiding a treasure chest. And it actually was!

I kept going and discovered the last place for the Chronicle of the Company deed, then rode a little further northwest, since I’d noticed I also had yet to discover the High Pass that would finish another Vales exploration deed. This pass is actually what connects the Misties and the Vales: if you go through to the other side, there’s a Beorning guard who warns you that the land beyond his post is dangerous and should not be traversed lightly (as a warning for low-level players, I’m sure).

Interestingly, the coordinates for these two locations are hugely different: the Vales High Pass is at [10.1N, 65.6W], and while I can’t find the exact coordinates for the Misties side out-of-game, the nearby NPCs outside Goblin-town are at [21.4S, 5.9E]. That’s quite a distance to cover: I feel kind of bad for making Mountainsong go between the portals twice.

That’s it for this first installation of Deed Logs: I hope it was at least occasionally entertaining to read my ramblings about this relatively random selection of ingame tasks. My next post in this vein (not sure if it’ll be my next post chronologically or not) will be about Mountainsong going back and finishing the Gorgoroth Lost Lore quests, and the miscellaneous discoveries and experiences I had along the way. Until next time!

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